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At CodeAterium, our mission is to help organizations utilize suitable technologies to develop, deploy and maintain software through guidance, training and programming. We can help you to streamline your software development to accomplish your goals.

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Architects, Software Engineers & Consultants
Chris Kanieski
Founder & CEO
Public Speaker · Tech Evangelist · Travel Industry Technologist
Gene Kanieski
DevOps · Software Engineer · Technical Support Specialist
James Bennett
MTA Certified · DevOps · Senior Software Engineer

Consulting Services & Cloud-Based Development

Our company is willing to provide you with the best quality in the following services.

DevOps Services

By adopting the Agile and DevOps software engineering philosophy, we at CodeAterium can assist you and your team with delivering high-quality cloud-based results to your users at a fast and cost-effective rate.

Cloud Migration & Management

At CodeAterium, we provide you with the necessary consulting and engineering services to manage or migrate your infrastructure to leading cloud based solutions, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

On Premise IT-Consulting

Consulting and engineering services for corporations is not restricted to the Cloud. At CodeAterium we provide such services for managing your on-premise infrastructures needs.

Design Services

From responsive web design to backend automation, we utilize leading technologies in full stack development: Django, node, .NET, PHP, Dataflex, etc... when designing custom business solutions, tailored to your needs.


Why DevOps?

DevOps (Development and Operations) is a term used to describe an amalgamation of practices, tools, and ethics adopted by an organization to increase their effectiveness in delivering applications and services to their customers.

In this day and age with more organizations moving to the cloud, it's vital that they also evolve their traditional methods of software engineering and management to maintain their competitive edge in the market. Adopting the practices and philosophy of DevOps can help organizations accomplish this. The overall application lifecycle management is greatly improved to the benefit of not just your organization but your customers as well.

DevOps greatly increases the velocity of innovating and delivering product releases to your customers and improves product quality assurance. This is accomlished by integrating practices and tools such as continuous integration, testing and deployment automation, bug and feature tracking into an application lifecycle. The overall positive experience with your customers is improved as their needs are addressed faster as they continue to receive a high quality product.

DevOps improves on the collaboration between Development and Operation teams which can at times can be isolated from each other. DevOps culture brings together both camps, combining both workflows and encourages strong communication as your teams take advantage of practices such as scrum agile development, feature planning with project tracking systems and Kanban boards, dashboards and reports to identify progress of product development. Again, all of this to provide a more unified approach towards achieving business goals.

Serverless Architecture

Why Serverless?

When it comes to the development and deployment of application and services to customers, infrastructure management plays a pivotal, ongoing role. Such operational responsibilities would consist of building servers, upgrading or patching operating systems, increasing server capacity to maintain high availability to end users, and many other tasks.

Serverless Architecture allows you to design and deploy your applications and services without worrying about the cost and management of infrastructure. As the majority of the operational responsibilities are shifted towards the cloud and handled for you using this architecture, this grants you more time to devote towards the innovation of your product and even reduces total cost of ownership.

Within recent years, Serverless Architecture (or Serverless Computing) has become more widespread and utilized by major corporations due to it's cost effectiveness and increasing agility with software development. We too at CodeAterium have, and continue to utilize this architecture with our own software (in fact this very website is using this architecture). At CodeAterium, we can provide the consulting and engineering services needed to help you adopt the Serverless Architecture for your application lifecycle in the cloud, helping you to allocate more time for product innovation, to maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

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